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Hi, I'm Jha'nee

and I'm passionate about turning your goals into a reality.


My life began a new chapter when I retired from Corporate America in June 2021. After 20+ years of managing law firms, I realized something was missing. Throughout my career, I had a few good managers, but never an authentic mentor. I needed someone to help me navigate Corporate America honestly and openly. Due to my ability to pick up on things quickly and my willingness to not complain, I had to learn things on my own. Fortunately, I was successful in doing so. Moving up the corporate ladder, I became aware that there were others just like me. I also realized how many companies were run by managers who lacked basic people management skills.

Numerous times during my career, I was considered the "first black woman" and the "only woman". Despite many difficult circumstances and injustices, I learned from each one. Through my experiences, I became aware of the lack of diversity in executive leadership roles and of challenging workplace environments. 

Corporate mentoring is of utmost importance. Employee turnover is high, companies are failing, diversity and inclusion are just words, and managers are creating toxic working environments. Being an effective leader requires more than just managing people. To build better businesses, it is essential to establish true partnerships, practice growth mindsets, and strive for excellence. 

The HRQUEEN was formed to provide career guidance and support to employees and job seekers. We also provide HR and management consulting services to employers and managers. 

I view my role as a mentor and guide as an opportunity to develop true leaders. People should be able to maximize their professional experiences. It is my hope that I will inspire those who lack courage to dream big and encourage those with power to lead more effectively. 

My purpose is to educate, uplift and inspire . . . 

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  • Executive Level Management.

  • Strategic Program Management.

  • Employee Training and Development.

  • Organizational Development.

  • Recruitment and Retention.

  • Onboarding.

  • Employee Relations.

  • Employee Mentorship.

  • Diversity & Inclusion Committee lead.

Professional Experience


  • Life/Confidence Coach

  • Remote Team Management

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Training

  • Sexual Harassment / Bias Prevention Training

  • Anti-Discrimination Training

  • Over 15 years of legal recruiting experience.

  • Full lifecycle recruiting process (candidate sourcing, screening, qualification evaluation, interviewing, negotiating offers, and follow up).

  • Able to assess, project, and determine hiring needs.

  • Talent management and employee retainment plan to retain current employees.

  • Recruitment events and hiring fairs.

  • Developed recruitment strategies .




Mentors are ideal when they understand what you're experiencing and are able to offer advice based on common experiences. 

As a HR and people management professional with more than twenty years' experience, I help develop exceptional managers.

I empower my mentees by connecting with them and fostering their leadership abilities. As a result, they become more productive at work and ultimately develop into leaders.


More than 75% of Black workers reported being discriminated against for their race or ethnicity, considerably more than the numbers for Hispanics (61%) and Whites (42%).

Providing discrimination and sexual harassment prevention services to both employers and employees is an integral part of my work. Employers and employees alike benefit from my services in protecting each other from harassment and discrimination at the workplace.

*Download my FREE templates re reporting/handling workplace discrimination.

My purpose

My ultimate goal is to inspire professionals to become confident leaders. Ultimately, I hope that my work will inspire people to develop leadership skills and become more effective at work.

To help professionals succeed in corporate environments, I offer a number of tools.


If you are a corporation, or you work for one, I am here to help. 


In the U.S., there are 30.2 million small businesses, but only a fraction of them are successful.


Approximately 20% of small businesses fail within their first year, 30% within their second year, 50% within their fifth year, and by the tenth year, a staggering 70% have closed up shop.

Managing your business and your employees properly is what I can teach you.

Book a Management Consultation today!  

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