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Take Your Career to the Next Level with Professional Support

Investing in your career success is one of the most important decisions you can make. Whether you're looking to advance in your current field, change careers, or simply improve your performance and satisfaction at work, professional coaching can be a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals. With the guidance and support of a trained and experienced coach, you'll have the opportunity to gain valuable insights, develop new skills, and overcome obstacles that may be holding you back. By investing in your career success, you'll be positioning yourself for long-term growth and success, both personally and professionally.

So don't wait - take control of your career and invest in your future with professional coaching today.

Professional Services

Are you feeling lost and unsure about how to navigate your career, workplace issues, and employment laws? Our expert team is here to help! Specializing in providing comprehensive services, we have the necessary tools and expertise to support you. Whether you need help with performance management or understanding your rights as an employee, we're here to guide you and ensure you make the right decisions for your success. Let us help you chart your successful journey and find the answers you need.

Introducing Custom-Tailored Mentoring Programs for All Professionals!

Unlock your potential and elevate your career with our mentoring programs, designed to cater to professionals at every stage - from entry level to executive level. Our extensive range of services is tailored to fit your unique needs and aspirations, while also accommodating all budget types. Perfect for managers and HR professionals looking to develop their leadership skills, our programs will help you transform your career and achieve your goals.

Our comprehensive offerings include:

  • On-Demand Mentoring: Get guidance at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

  • Corporate Training Videos: Empower your team with effective and engaging video resources.

  • Corporate Leadership Training: Enhance your leadership skills and drive organizational success.

  • Management Coaching: Master the art of effective management and foster a high-performing team.

Experience the Power of Customization


Our programs are meticulously crafted to align with your specific goals and requirements. We firmly believe that every professional deserves a personalized approach to achieve their career aspirations.

If you're ready to go, schedule your Career Development Consultation or Career Development | Coaching Bundle

Also check out our other services.

Take the First Step Towards Success


Don't miss this opportunity to transform your career. Set up a complimentary mentoring exploration call today and discover how our custom-tailored programs can help you soar to new heights. Click the link below to schedule your call now!

Complimentary Mentorship Exploration Call

Your Success is Our Mission


Invest in your growth and unlock unlimited possibilities with our custom-tailored mentoring programs. The time to act is now. Your future self will thank you!

Are you on IG? Well, subscribe to the HRQUEEN's exclusive content channel for our updated mentorship package, now available for only $4.99 per month (price is going up soon)! Perfect for entry-level and mid-level employees, this membership offers valuable content, guidance, and advice to help you navigate workplace challenges, build your career path, and enhance your professional development.

By joining our IG subscription channel, you'll receive ongoing support from me, your trusted mentor, in a more accessible and interactive format. While this form of mentorship doesn't include virtual meetings like our premium packages, it's the ideal option for those seeking consistent mentorship without the commitment of a monthly meeting.

Don't miss this opportunity to work with the HRQUEEN at an unbeatable price. Subscribe to our IG channel today and let us help you take your career to the next level!

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Job Seekers

Are you ready to start your job search?

Let me help position you for job search success. 

Need to practice interviewing? Schedule a Mock Interview Today!

Enhancing Career Skills for FREE

Enhancing Career Skills for FREE

diploma course guides you through every aspect of project management in a clear and simple manner. We lay out the crucial phases of the system development lifecycle: analysis, planning, design and evaluation. We then delve into the practical aspects of project management methodology to prepare you for success in this exciting industry.FREE Online Courses: "Ultimate Guide to Job Hunting & Resume Finessing": Course Suggestions: Organizational Change Management course will show you the professional way of managing and supporting employees: Project Management Course. This course covers the crucial phases of the system development lifecycle: analysis, planning, design and evaluation. We then delve into the practical aspects of project management methodology to prepare you for success in this exciting industry: Supervision Skills course will teach you how to handle disagreements, arguments, and conflict at work. This course will teach you effective and tactful workplace management, including how best to deal with a variety of situations, take appropriate corrective action, and manage change in the organization: #careercoach #humanresources #careerskills
Always ask questions during an interview!

Always ask questions during an interview!

More great questions to ask: 1. What is the history of this role? Is it a new position, or was there someone in the job before? 2. How do you envision your new hire stepping into the role? 3. You are interviewing me, an external candidate. Often job openings are filled from within the company. What made you think about interviewing external candidates like me? 4. How did you get to the company, and to your current position? 5. What do you see as the major goals for the person in this role over the next year? 6. What sorts of technology will your new employee use in the job? 7. Is there any professional training or continuing education offered? 8. What is your favorite thing on a daily basis about working here? 9. What skills and experience would make an ideal candidate? 10. Is there anything that makes you think I would not be a good fit for this position? 11. ****What is the next step in the process? **** (THE MOST IMPORTANT WRAP UP QUESTION) I hope this help! Are you looking for a mentor? A candid mentor? Join my mentor program, The Focused Group, on the Discord app today. It's a space for like-minded individuals to ask questions, share thoughts and ideas without any judgement. Here's how to join our community More about me and why mentorship is a MUST. Book recommendations for Leadership, HR, career development and much more: #mentorship #humanresources #interviewtips
How to Begin a Career in HR with No Experience

How to Begin a Career in HR with No Experience

Join my email list for training updates: Download my eBook/video on Starting a Career in HR: Online courses, many are free: Top certifications for HR professionals include: Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) - , Professional in Human Resources (PHR) -, and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) - The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) ( is a professional membership association that also offers several of its own certifications. SHRM also has student chapters at various college and university campuses, allowing students to network with HR professionals and find mentors. Also, please don't forget to record your goals, accomplishments, meeting notes, ideas, challenges, etc. in a personal development notebook. Here are a few different options: #Humanresources #Corporatementor #Careerdevelopment

Need help negotiating a pay increase? Learn the tricks and tips for asking for a raise!


Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

I will help you attract employers, create your professional brand, and maximize your income.

There's a difference between allowing your career to happen to you,

and making it happen.

Workplace Issues

Are you experiencing workplace issues?

People spend nearly one third of their adult lives at work, and workplace issues are a common source of stress for many. It is impossible to have a workplace where everyone's roles, expectations, and personalities work perfectly together, without conflict.

Not sure how to handle workplace issues, unfair treatment, retaliation, discrimination and/or sexual harassment?


Upgrade Your Career for Free: Unlock Your Hidden Job Skills Today!

Enhancing your job skills is essential for your career growth and success. Keeping up with the latest industry trends, technology, and training can help you stay competitive and even open up new opportunities for advancement. Having the right skillset can help you become more productive, efficient, and successful in your current role. Additionally, expanding your skillset can give you the confidence to take on new challenges and try new things. Investing in yourself and keeping your skills up to date is an important part of maintaining a successful career.

Affiliate Disclosure:  if you click on a link and purchase any items, The HRQUEEN receives an affiliate commission.

Please note, The HRQUEEN only recommends products or services that will add value to you.

Are you tired of the same generic interview advice and tips? Want to stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression on your potential employer? Look no further!

Introducing Customized Interview Cheat Sheets service. Our team of experts will work with you to create a personalized cheat sheet tailored to your specific industry and the position you are applying for.

The Power of Good Advice.

Leadership isn't just a natural talent - it can be developed through mentorship and authentic relationships. A great mentorship is built on trust and a mutual desire to invest in each other's growth and development. This is especially important for minorities, who are often underrepresented in top leadership roles and may not have access to the same opportunities as their counterparts. In today's corporate landscape, it's more important than ever to prioritize equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. By building a strong and diverse pool of leaders, we can create a more inclusive and successful business environment. If you're ready to take the first step towards achieving your leadership potential and overcoming obstacles, consider joining a mentorship program that fits your needs. With the right guidance and support, you can discover and develop your own leadership abilities and achieve greatness.

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