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A person’s mindset has a huge influence on their likelihood of success!

  • A fixed mindset – the belief that basic qualities, such as intelligence, creativity and talent, are essentially predetermined and fixed traits, meaning they cannot be improved much, if at all.

  • A growth mindset – the belief that these basic qualities can continue to develop over time through hard work, dedication, specific training and other improvements.

Mental Health & Wealth

This section will highlight the intersection of money and mental health, and provide content and resources for those struggling. Stay tuned!

Health-Related Sites

American Heart Association:
General health information as well as detailed for ensuring a healthy heart.

Center for Disease Control:
Information on general health and safety topics.

World Health Organization:
Health guidelines and updates from this international group.

Kids Health:
Targeted Iinformation for kids about staying healthy, dealing with feelings…growing up, and more.

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