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I strongly recommend that you use a notebook to write down your thoughts, insights, and ideas as you work through my e-books. The notebook will become your personal journal that you will keep with you throughout your career journey. You will keep track of your progress, important dates, project results, and any other data or information relevant to your leadership journey.


You may ask in a world driven by technology and a time when there is an app for nearly everything, why should we still bother to write things down on paper?


Studies show one of the biggest benefits of writing on paper is it helps you focus. While we’re grateful for how technology has simplified our lives; unfortunately, we have to pay the price in the form of the many distractions that come with it. Whether with our smartphones, tablets or laptops, there is always something calling our attention.


A proven way of avoiding digital distractions is to block out some time to work with just a pen and notebook – of course without the gadgets.

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Boss Moves

Plan for success, transform your habits, and change your life with the 2022 Power of Habit Planner, based on the New York Times bestseller by Charles Duhigg!

Master your habits all year with this new productivity planner! Featuring Duhigg's cutting-edge research, strategic advice, and step-by-step guides, this 2022 personal growth planner is filled with proven habit tracking tools, thoughtful prompts to reflect and create a positive mindset, goal-setting, motivational stickers, and more! Identify patterns, track your progress.

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Confidence Seeker

It's time to refocus your energies on confidence and self-love. The Confidence Project Journal is a personal guide for women who want to operate from a place of power and divine, God-given strength. Using the 52 essays and associated prompts, any woman can cultivate and grow her confidence and create the life she really wants.

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This journal has been designed to allow you to journal whenever you want with ease. Structured journal prompts to maximize creativity, productivity, gratitude, happiness, emotional intelligence, and accountability.

Unlock your mind by understanding where you stand in all major areas of your life (career, relationships, finances, spirituality, physical body, and personal emotions) by answering thought provoking questions. Overcome your self limiting beliefs, improve your relationship with yourself, and live everyday as your truest self. 

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Confidence Seeker (Teens)

Are you looking for a journal and diary for and prayer journal that you can use for boosting self-confidence, self-love and self-esteem for your teen girl?

If so then this Self Confidence Journal for Teens (Black African American Girls): A Journal with Prompts for Boosting Self Esteem, Improving Confidence and Practicing Self Love is the perfect resource for you.


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  • 🎯 CREATE THE WORK LIFE YOU ALWAYS WANTED: Every week plan out the work week you want, set weekly priorities/goals, break them down into daily tasks and focus. Structured on the law of attraction but based on scientific studies on productivity & happiness.

  • ✍️ STAY ORGANIZED, INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY & ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS: Set the agenda for the week, take your craft seriously, crush zoom meetings, and blaze through high priority tasks.

  • ⌛ ‍STAY FOCUSED & GET INTO FLOW: Transcend the monkey brain, stop procrastinating and lose yourself in your craft. A five minute setup is all you need to see substantial work / business growth.

  • 😎 EMBODY THE HABITS OF YOUR IDEAL-SELF: Successful men and women are those with successful habits. The weekly habit tracker will unleash your hidden potential. Be that fitness, weight loss, reading, budget, meditation etc.

  • 👁️‍🗨️ DO MORE WITH LESS & KNOW THE TRUTH: Bullet point your way to uncover the truth. This truth holds the key to happiness, productivity, better decision making and overall happiness and fulfilment.

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Get Proactive with Your Career Development.

Start Planning for Your Professional Future Today with Expert Guidance

The Career Booster bundle is packed with tips and guidance with content from Career Coaching and Human Resources experts. This bundle gives you the tools and knowledge you need to start planning the career you want, not the career you have.

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