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HR Help in a Flash: 15 Minutes to Expert Advice.

Nationwide, Easy to Book.

Redefining Success for the Corporate Hustler:

A New Approach to
Human Resources

I'm glad you're here. If you're juggling the demands of a 9-to-5 while dreaming of more—whether it's running your own show or simply finding peace in the corporate chaos—you're in the right place. My journey from the front lines of customer service to the strategic insights of HR leadership taught me one crucial lesson: true success is about more than climbing the corporate ladder; it's about overcoming the barriers that hold us back, including workplace isolation and trauma.

Here, we cut through the corporate jargon and get real about what it takes to move forward. Whether you're dealing with the aftermath of feeling sidelined, struggling to find your voice, or contemplating the leap from employee to entrepreneur, I'm here to guide you with straight talk and actionable advice.

Empowerment with a Side of Reality - Let's tackle those barriers head-on, rebuild your confidence, and map out a path to the success you deserve. For the small business dreamers, especially those in minority communities, I'm here to help you sidestep common pitfalls and turn your vision into reality.

Ready to start redefining success on your terms? Let's dive in.

Book a session with me, and together, we'll build the future you've been dreaming of—the honest way.

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Let's Dive Deeper into Your Professional Journey

Building on my commitment to cut through corporate jargon and deliver real, actionable insights, I offer three specialized consultations designed to address your unique professional needs. Whether you're seeking to navigate your career path, protect your professional interests, or foster a positive workplace culture, there's a targeted session just for you.



Career Strategy Consultation

Who It's For: Whether you're a newbie, contemplating a career shift, aiming for a promotion, or looking to balance a side hustle with your 9 to 5, this consultation is tailored for you.

What You Get: A focused exploration into your career goals and challenges, leading to a bespoke 12-month action plan. This plan is your roadmap for skill enhancement, income growth, and the integration of a side hustle that aligns with your career objectives. You'll benefit from monthly accountability sessions, exclusive course access, and an array of resources tailored to support your dual journey of employment and entrepreneurship.

Why It's Perfect: Leveraging my personal success in retiring from corporate life at 37 and scaling multiple businesses, this session offers unique insights into managing both your career and entrepreneurial ventures. If you're determined to expand your income streams without sacrificing your 9 to 5 stability, I'll equip you with the strategies and confidence to thrive on all fronts.


Professional Protection Consultation

Who It's For: Anyone confronting workplace challenges such as bullying, EEOC complaints, discrimination, harassment, or facing the daunting path of Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs).

What You Get: A strategic and confidential consultation designed to empower you through your workplace challenges. This includes a thorough review of your PIP, assistance in setting achievable goals to successfully complete the PIP and developing a strategy for exiting with dignity if necessary. With ongoing monthly support, you're provided with expert insight and strategies to navigate unfair practices and protect your professional interests. As your neutral advocate, I equip you with the knowledge and tactics to confront adversities head-on.

Why It's Perfect: Facing workplace issues can make you feel alone and without recourse, especially during the stress of a PIP. The process is complex and, without the right strategy, often ends unfavorably. With this consultation, you gain not just an ally but a blueprint for navigating these waters. Whether it's tackling a PIP, addressing EEOC complaints, or managing workplace bullying, you'll have the support and guidance needed to assert your rights and move forward with confidence.


Workplace Wellness Consultation

Who It's For: This session is designed for the changemakers—leaders, managers, and HR professionals in small to mid-sized businesses, as well as those stepping into leadership roles for the first time who are determined to foster a positive impact.

What You Get: A focused strategy session aimed at creating a dynamic and positive work culture. You'll leave with a personalized 12-month action plan to implement wellness and positivity in your workplace. Plus, enjoy exclusive discounts on tailored on-demand and customized training videos, all developed to meet the specific challenges and opportunities within your organization.

Why It's Perfect: Ideal for those looking to transform their workplace into an environment where growth and positivity thrive. Whether you're new to leadership or seeking innovative strategies to inspire impactful leadership, this consultation is your step towards building a successful and supportive workspace.

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