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If your employer/school is mandating vaccines, they have the right to do so under the current executive orders issued by President Biden.

While this is not legal advice, if you are against taking the vaccine you MUST put it in writing and keep a copy for your records.

If possible, email the completed declaration to your employer/school and make sure to cc' your personal email, if sending from your employee issued email address.

While this form has no legal grounds, now, it serves as a written record of your beliefs and choice regarding the vaccine mandate.

Included in the declaration packages, are the following, for your convenience:

·       Vaccine Refusal Declaration (to be signed and dated)

·       International Criminal Code, Articles 7 (select sections)

·       International Criminal Code, Articles 8 War Crimes (select sections)

·       Vaccine Dangers & Toxicities

·       VAERS data

·       Facts That Have Been Uncovered So Far

·       The Forbidden COVID-19 Chronicles January 25, 2021

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Please note, this is not legal advice.

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