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The HRQUEEN Strikes Again: Meta Layoffs, A Controversial HR Perspective

Meta's strategic layoffs: a high-stakes chess game in the world of HR and finance.

Greetings, my fabulous HR aficionados! It's your HRQUEEN here, dishing out the latest, most controversial HR tea. Today, we're diving into Meta's recent layoffs, which have taken the tech world by storm. With multiple rounds of layoffs hitting various teams, it's no surprise that the drama is unfolding in real-time. And what's even more interesting? HR and finance are the last to get the ax. Let's explore why that's the case, and as always, serve up some juicy controversy along the way.

The Meta Layoff Chronicles:

As you may have heard, Meta announced a fresh round of job cuts in March, targeting employees in technical roles like user experience, software engineering, graphics programming, and more. With these layoffs happening in waves, we're now seeing product-facing teams getting hit, and business-facing roles like finance, legal, and HR are next on the chopping block.

The Last Ones Standing: HR and Finance - The HRQUEEN's Controversial Take

But why do HR and finance always get tossed out last? It's simple, darlings: they're the executioners. After working closely together to carry out the layoffs, they too become dispensable. These departments are responsible for ensuring that the entire layoff process runs smoothly – from preparing severance packages to dealing with legal matters. Once the majority of the employees have been let go, there's little reason for the company to keep the executioners around.

Now, let's get into the controversy, shall we? Isn't it ironic that HR and finance, the very departments responsible for implementing these layoffs, end up on the receiving end? It's like being invited to a fabulous party, only to be unceremoniously thrown out after serving all the hors d'oeuvres!

Survival Tips for Aspiring or New HR Professionals:

If you're an aspiring or new HR professional, it's essential to stay ahead of the game and prepare for potential layoffs. Here's a practical tip to help you see it coming and prepare accordingly:

  1. Keep an eye on the company's financial health: Stay informed about your organization's financial performance and watch for signs of trouble, such as declining revenues or stock prices. Regularly monitoring financial reports and attending company meetings will help you stay in the loop and anticipate potential layoffs.


What do you think about Meta's layoffs? Is Zuckerberg's "year of efficiency" going too far, or is this just the reality of the tech world? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let's stir up some HR drama together! Don't forget to follow me, your HRQUEEN, on social media at @_thehrqueen. TikTok and IG are my favorite places to hang out and post videos, so be sure to catch me there for more controversial HR topics and insights. Until next time, my fabulous aficionados - stay sassy and controversial!


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